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texas intermediate crude oil go up $6 per barrel in comparison to the week previous and gasoline futures went up $15. and so those are some pretty huge price jumps. we have seen the petroleum markets drop a little bit since then. there's a lot of concern and prices at the pump have been going up. on the other hand, things aren't as bad as they were a year ago. in fact, if people can remember labor day back in 2012, the national average is $3.83 per gallon. so, you know, it's a lot cheaper than a year ago but you can expect to see higher prices in the days ahead. >> michael, i appreciate it. have a great labor day weekend. michael green with aaa with us. stay tuned. more news in just a moment here on al-jazeera. saudi arabia for that. ♪ make >>> hello again, everyone, i'm tony harris. here is the latest from al-jazeera. president obama addressed the topic of military intervention in syria today. he says he has not made a final decision but the u.s. is considering a, quote, limited narrow act. the president made it clear he considered syria's use of chemical weapons a threat to national
where many of ending up. >> i'm tom ackermann in texas where oil is help to go fuel america's economic recovery. >> we'll have all the action in sports. but should you be made aware if you are consuming them. that's next on "consider this." >> welcome back. britain will not back any military intervention in syria. germany has also ruled itself out, but france maybe willing to play a a role. the united states is not backing down ands it will continue to build international support for action in the country. >> protests are happening in egypt, despite government security forces closing masks and shutting off parts of cairo, supporters were urged to take to the streets. back to our top story, syria. i'm joined from syria. good to have you with us. what is your reaction to the no vote coming out of the u.k. parliament? >> well, we obviously are very pleased that parliament takes a stand on an issue like this. we have been calling for a very long time for political dialogue. we don't think that a military solution is at all possible in this conflict, and therefore, give more time for politi
exploration as well as production. tom ackerman has more from texas the number one state for oil and gas production. >> reporter: midday in the once sleepy center of texas, not so long ago this was a quiet farming town and now it's a cross road of the oil and gas drilling boom in south texas. that boom has been good for the family restaurant run by daisy barahas and one of many people drawn to an area where spanish is heard nearly as often as english. >> we benefitted quite a bit because we have a lot of oil companies and they helped us as well as other businesses. a lot of people are moving here from all over texas. >> reporter: it's been more than a century since texas saw the first oil gusher making america the world's leading producer until eclipsed by the middle east. they are exploding the shall gas deposits as never before. texas doubled the crude production a sharp reversal from the two decades of falling out put and if it were independent nation texas would rank behind kuwait and venezuela and they escaped the great recession and u.s. jobs grew 1% in the last 5 years the oil an
. the mislabeled products were sold in texas, oklahoma, arkansas, louisiana, and mississippi. that one is hard to believe. >>> okay. our fifth story "outfront," president obama's contradiction, has the president changed his tune on military engagement? here's what he said today to justify a possible strike on syria -- >> part of our obligation as a leader in the world is making sure that when you have a regime that is willing to use weapons that are prohibited by international norms on their own people, including children, that they're held to account. >> okay. compare that to what then senator and soon to be anti-war president barack obama said back in 2006 while touting his opposition to the iraq war -- >> i said then and believe now that saddam hussein was a ruthless dictator who craved weapons of mass destruction but posed no imminent threat to the united states. >> so, what changed the president's perspective? "outfront" tonight democratic congresswoman barbara lee and presidential historian douglas brinkley. thanks to both of you for being with us. today, guys, we saw the administration
. my name is jonathan betz. i'm from dallas, texas, and i'm an anchor for al jazeera america. >>my name is ranjani chakraborty, i'm from houston, texas. >>i'm kim bondy. >>nicole deford. >>and i'm from new orleans. >>san francisco, california. when i was a little kid, i just really loved the news. >>news was always important in my family. >>i knew as a kid that was exactly what i wanted to do. >>i learned to read by reading the newspaper with my great-grandfather every morning. >>and i love being able to tell other people stories. >>this is it, i want to be a part of this. >>this is what really drove me to al jazeera america. >>> welcome back. as the world waits to see if the u.s. and other allies will attack syria. the island of cyprus has been preparing as well. >> reporter: the islanders of cypress are watching and waiting and trying to work tout next move. cypress' geographic location makes it strategically vital but many citizens feel anything put important. >> we care about possibility to set us back. we can't do nothing. we are powerless. >> reporter: others here believe the grea
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este momento en la nfl los raiders, texas en primer lugar, seguido por oakland. >> el chepo de la torre volvió a llamar al chaco y klinsmann llamó a donovan. >> gracias. >> le damos un último vistazo al tráfico en el puente de san mateo, el tráfico fluye pero el mayor atasco es en las puertas de peaje. >> en el golden gate tenemos el tráfico también, recuerde que las demoras no han sido muy malas como esperábamos. >> para entrar al golden gate el tráfico es intenso, vamos con el reporte. >> estoy en la avenida park presidio, los oficiales del tránsito nos dice que está fuerte, pero no imposible, el retraro es entre 8 a 10 minutos en las horas pico, los oficiales estarán trabajando hasta las 7:30, el retraso es mínimo y no hay choques que lamentar. >> el horario especial del bart comenzará esta noche y seguirá funcionando toda la noche, ésto pasará hasta el día lunes de la próxima semana. >> los trenes en la madrugada pasarán cada 1 hora, y pararán en estaciones específicas, mson 14 en total. >> (información en pantalla). >> puede ver más información en nuestro s
now? tremendous. >>anna: we miss you. >>tucker: you're in dallas, texas. what are you doing there? >>brian: this is the seventh patriot golf day. as you guys know and hopefully you know at home, this day people go out anywhere you golf to participate in clubs, and a portion of the proceeds of the green fees on that day go to the families of the fallen. major dan rueny, put it together. president bush said i want to take part when i'm out of office. this will be the third year of the last four years that president bush has taken part. he's tpw-g to be joining us in -- he's going to be joining us in about two and a half hours, his first interview since his heart operation when he took a routine exam on august 6 and found out you've got a blockage, we've got to fix that. we'll have a drive. lee thevino will be here. falls of honor was put together to give scholarships for families of those wounded in battle. executives and people like you give on a regular basis. families have to move on and get on and the financial resources are not there in many cases. you have success stories. you
periodismo social "vocativ" estados unidos envia vuelos tripulados desde texas sobre algunos estados del norte de mexico donde operan varios carteles de la droga.. ---la operacion conocida como "low-rider" comenzo en 2011 tras la muerte, en san luis potosi, de jaime zapata, un agente de migracion y aduanas estadounidense y el hallazgo de mas de 350 cuerpos en fosas clandestinas en varios estados del norte.. blanca ---en mexico, 2 magistrados se enfrentaron a golpes durante una sesin del tribunal superior de justicia en cuernavaca, morelos. take vo ---la pelea empez cuando se discuta el proceso de seleccion, designacin o destitucin de jueces y funcionarios. ---uno de los magistrados hizo un comentario, cuestionando la integridad de un compaÑer quien se levant de su asiento, avent una silla y golpe a quien intent cerrarle el paso, logrando asi... desatar su furia contra su blanco. ---el juez se disculp tras la pelea. cesar ---miles de maestros han abandonado sus puestos de trabajo para salir a manifestarse en contra de la reforma educativa en mexico... pitch - blanca ---ante esta situacio
to be in stock innovation. he is taught at boston university the university of texas at harvard and served as secretary of education under president reagan and was america's first drug czar under president george h.w. bush. it was the author of more than 24 books including to new york times number one bestsellers and the host of the old bennett's morning in america and has received more than 30 honorary degrees and as a final note a very long time ago bill and i were philosophy students together at williams college. bill will speak in a minute. he will be followed by david wilezol the co-author of "is college worth it?." david is the associate producer of the nationally syndicated bill bennett's morning in america and a contributor to the manhattan institute's higher education policy blog and at claremont institute fellow and studied greek and latin at the catholic university in washington. in his honor i tried to come up with an appropriate latin quote for addressing student debt and i suggest -- that is happy is he who has no debt. [laughter] >> that's good. [laughter] ski thank you. bil
the federal government pecks up the tab and then we get stuck with it. our state of texas refuses to take the money because even with the current coverage, it's sucking up money out of our state budget that would otherwise go for education, both elementary and secondary or high are education or to go for the rest of state government. medicaid is eating the state government budgets of too many states. >> all right we have a minute left. let me switch topics. it is expected. and i hear small business openers tell me. but i do hear that they are planning to sort of reduce the number of full-time employee does part-time employees in order to avoid some of the costs of obamacare on the small business. do you think that president obama is watch, is watching those numbers and that he's worried that we're going to grow to a more part-time economy and, because that's going to have, you know, serious consequences for people. >> i think he could care less. and look, it's not that we're predicting it's happening. it is happening. take a look at the bureau of labor statistics over the last year. we ha
they did more yelling pay no attention to this driver he is from texas and in texas that must be how they do things come to think of it they do that here too moving on. you see the bay bridge is closed so we can get a new slightly safer bridge that will last 150 years or the next big quake which ever comes first hey dude the bridge is the other way. there you go. some people thought is was safe to sneak across the bridge in the carpool lane as a solo driver it wasn't these guys got into a finder bender so what better place to exchange information than in a lane of traffic if traffic is backed up simply ise the on coming traffic lane after all no one else is using it the one thins that seems to who are in such a rush that they don't have time to wait like normal people you can make left turns when it cleary reads no left turns and you absolutely must lay on the horn who cares its illegal and annoying .althought i must admit it worked here rememeber to make your own turning lane pay no attention to the man with the parking enforcement ticket book oh and stay off your cell phones, unle
acuerdo al postal de periodismo social "vocativ" estados unidos envia vuelos tripulados desde texas sobre algunos estados del norte de mexico donde operan varios carteles de la droga.. ---la operacion conocida como "low-rider" comenzo en 2011 tras la muerte, en san luis potosi, de jaime zapata, un agente de migracion y aduanas estadounidense y el hallazgo de mas de 350 cuerpos en fosas clandestinas en varios estados del norte.. cesar ---miles de maestros han abandonado sus puestos de trabajo para salir a manifestarse en contra de la reforma educativa en mexico... pitch - blanca ---ante esta situacion, muchos padres de familia no tienen otra alternativa mas que llenar los zapatos de los maestros para continuar la educacion de sus hijos. take 2 box ---jazive perez nos amplia desde la ciudad de mexico.. adelante jazive... take pkg ;01 ; ; ; ; asi es, la desesperacion que causa el ver a sus hijos inactivos ha llevado a los padres de familia a tomar la decisin de convertirse en mentores de sus ni;os y de otros compa;eros. en varios estados de la republica como en oaxaca, sobre la banqueta y la
, texas [♪ music ] >> in a monumental agreement the national football league has reached a settlement dealing with football related brain injuries. the settlement sets aside $765 million for nearly 4500 retired nfl players. the players claimed in a lawsuit that the league intentionally withheld information relating to concussions. the nfl denies any wrongdoing and insists that safety has always been a top priority. here's a break down of how the money will be dispersed. $675 million will be available for retired players who show symptoms of cognitive impairment. and $10 million will go to a separate research and education fund. >>> the makers of tylenol say they will place a new warning on bottles of the popular painkiller. johnson and johnson said the new red label will tell users that taking too much extra strength tylenol can kill you. aat least minute ten can cause liver failure. it has killed over 500 people a year in the u.s. >>> in the netherlands the schools are going ultra high tech. they're using ipads for everything. the dutch government is plan to go open more of these sch
that severe and not all that heavy rain. from texas to florida. talking about the tropics now, not much happening in the caribbean or gulf of mexico. they will come into an area which is unfavorable for continued development. but it looks like over the next few days the tropics are quiet. the tropics are all quiet and things are pretty calm here from the gulf of mexico to the caribbean, just watching what is happening off the coast of africa, because that may try to develop here over the next 48 hours. >> recapping our top story. the white house is still trying to rally a support on syria. but makes it very clear it is willing to go it alone. we are waiting to hear a statement from secretary of state john kerry who is expected -- and also the broader situation that is going to happen at the state department at any moment. he actually started off the week on monday, with very harsh words for syria, now wrapping up the week with another statement on syria. covering a statement, will be paul -- bring inning paul now. paul, there's a lot riding on what the secretary of state is going to say
at the johnson space center in texas. they're running simulations to prepare for any emergencies that might occur during their mission. these include fire and rapid loss of cabin pressure. he practiced issuing instructions to the other astronauts in communicating with ground control staff by radio. wakat a will head up to the space station in november aboard the russian spacecraft. he'll be there for six months and serve as commander for the final two months. >> i will like to keep a good communication between the crew members and also all the mission control centers and program folks. and that's the key. and i would like to contribute to the good communication of the team. >> wakata will also train in germany and russia before he begins his historic assignment. >>> that's "newsline" for this hour. i'm gene otani in tokyo. ♪ >>> job fairs like this are held almost every month in china. the number ow
are getting airborne off their unicycle which is pretty impressive. it goes down in san marcos, texas. what i like about it, some of the names of the teams, the narwalls hell on wheels, rolling blackouts and the unipsychos. field goal, watch this. kicking a ball up the unicycle. pretty cool stuff. >>> to all the teenagers out there that have to mow the family lawn, i'm about to change your life. watch this brilliant little life hack. the guy puts a post in the middle of the lawn. ties the rope on the post, ties the other end of the rope to the self propelled push behind lawn mow mower. it's going to go around and go around and the rope will get shorter until it reaches the post. fires it up, puts the lawn mower in gear. ties a rope around the handle. takes it off the rock an look at how brilliantly this works. you can kickback and drink yourself a root beer now. >> this would be perfect if you had a round lawn. >> you dstill have to do a litte bit of mowing though. >> in fact, some of the commenters are saying you need a bigger, thicker post in the middle because it's overlapping too much. >>
in texas next independent line. >> caller: whenever there is money available parasites going to be fraud and it's important to note and be aware of. i'm a single mother and my oldest son is now in his second year at the university. the pell grants he is receiving and it was virtually impossible for him to receive the education that he is able to get and i think while you temper the aspect of fraud to avoid situation i think it's important to remain -- to the fact that there are those that would have not -- not have the opportunity for a quality education. >> guest: yes, sir would agree with you and it's really the interest of my office ultimately is to make sure that the money is going for the students who need it for an education and not to students or not students at all but really want that money for their own personal purposes and that no intention of trying to achieve an education. >> host: 202585388 for democrats and two with zero to eight -- for independents and you are receiving aids and we want to get your thoughts. what was the thing that clued you into this phenomenon in the f
childhood education, georgia and texas where they are downsizing it isison system.whether employment or in voting. unfortunately, the party is not there yet, but i believe that as our country continues to evolve in a way and we get closer to that vision of the great public -- the vision that the great republican frederick douglass, he said our composite nationality that every country has a destiny and its destiny is based on its character and its character is defined as how it did at its best, not its worst, and our geography is unique. we are bordered by two oceans that connect us to every country on the planet , and two borders that connect us to nations a very different races.our destiny, based on our character, geography, is to be the most perfect example of human unanimity that we have every seen. that was yesterday's republican party. if it becomes tomorrow's republican party, that's great. if not, their party will fall apart. >> speaking of, all but two republican senators voted for passage of the 1964 civil rights bill, but no republicans were present yesterday at the march o
back of first place, texas rangers have the night off. biggest worry in nfl right now is concussion-related injuries the league reached agreement with 18,000 former players paying out $765 million for concussion related brain injuries part of the deal nfl will admit no liability that football caused this began with former player talk about the big game being played at niners new stadium. it will be cal's year to host the game. after spending $300 million to memorial stadium, why would cal want to play any place else? they don't. conner saw the rep almost took him down. and eight minutes left this is a weather delay because of lightning strikes in the area. south carolina is leading we'll kick off our season opening edition this saturday, recapping highlights from week one that is right after georgia clemson after the game. here on abc 7. on the 13th hole of the barclay's tournament tiger woods went down clutching his back, complaining of back stiffness because of a soft ma tress, he continued to play and nearly made it into the play jfz saying he's pain free and ready for the weeken
are not getting very far on your salary you have three kids in oakland texas minimum wage is $8 an hour, and the living wage for a full time worker is supposed to be $11.51. that is just for one person, not for a family of four. how do you and your coworkers manage. >> that's a good question. we basically the majority of us workers in these industries we depend on public assistance to make up the difference. where these companies are basically just stealing from us. i and myself depend on food statutes just to be able to feed myself and my chin. and it comes down to the point where one of my workers in new york fellow workers just explained in that newscast, that she has to determine who she is going to feed, he is or her child. and that's sad we have to make the decision to where we have to feed our child, before we can feed ourselves, and we are the actual individual that is going in here and conducting these -- or should i say providing the services to everyone in the nation and we're cleaning up, cleaning bathrooms, cleaning lobbies lifting heavy things. and go to work hungry every
runs in the inning with two outs. 7-6, final. a's now three games back of first place, texas rangers have the night off. biggest worry in nfl rig now isconcussion-related injuries the league reached agreement with 18,000 former players paying out $765 million for concussion related brain injuries part of the deal nfl will admit no liability that football caused this began with former players last week talk about theig game being played at niners w stadium. it will be cal's year to host the game. after spending $300 million to memorial stadium, why would cal want to play any place se? they don't. conner saw the rep alst took him do. and eight minutes left this is a weather delay beuse of lightning strikein the area. south carolina is leading 'll kick off our season oping edition this saturday, repping highlights from week one that is right after georgia clemson aer the game. here on abc 7. on the 13th hole of the barclay's tournament tiger woods went down clutching his back, complaining back stiffness because of a soft ma tress, he continued to play and nearly made it into the play j
that assembling the motox smart phone at a plant in texas does not cost any more than making it outside the united states. the moto x is the first smart phone to have a made in the usa label although labor costs are herer here than compared to asia. >>> you can work up quite an p appetite making cars or phones but if they were in the mood for burgers or fries, they may have been out of luck. thousands of fast food workers walked off the job demanding higher wages and the right to form a union. jackie deangelis as the story. >> reporter: from coast-to-coast, fast food workers have taken to the street. >> the reason we deserve 15 is because we work too hard. everything is going up but my pay. my rent is going up, groceries going up, clothes going up, but my pay is still where it's at. >> reporter: fast food workers walked off the job today demanding two things, a raise in wages and the right to unionize. not just here but 50 cities across the country. mcdonalds, burger king, wendys are saying $7.25 is not number to survive. >> we had a reorganization of the economy where workers' wages are driven
? visita sprintcaptel.com >>> el arresto en san antonio texas de una red. la base que recibÍa los artÍculos robados del mundo entero para luego re venderlos. rogelio mora-tagle tiene el resultado de la investigaciÓn. >>> el departamento de seguridad interna y autoridades locales, revelaron que san antonio se convirtiÓ en la base de operaciones td una organizaciÓn criminal, dedicada al robo de mercancÍa en tiendas de marca descubrieron luego de una investigaciÓn que condujo al arresto de 5 mujeres, residentes de la ciudad. entre la mercancÍa que presuntamente robaron fueron encontradas 230 pantys de victoria's secret con un total de 1600 dÓlares y 60 botellas de perfume de la tienda a bert cromo baoe. encontraron tabletas de la firma apple. tenÍan mÁs de medio millÓn de dÓlares en mercancÍa, lo suficiente como para llenar un camiÓn grande. tenÍan pasaportes y documentos de viaje falsos. es que el departamento de seguridad interna, sospecha que la organizaciÓn tambiÉn cometÍa robos sobre todd joyerÍa fuera de los estados unidos. >>> al mismo tiempo, autoridades federales ame
sending tiger fans unhappy with the 3-run walk off. tigers win, 7-6. they drop 3 games back behind texas to the west. finally, college football opening at spar tan stadium. san jose state. 24-0. head coach's debut. the quarterback, david bales, thoughing for 225 yards and two touchdowns, they have a chance. he feels is one of the best quarterbacks in college football. that should be interesting. >> all right, dennis doing great in san diego. >> he is. i am sure he is in the gas lamp district right now. [ laughter ] >> thank you. >>> coming up, it is fantasy land for kids and adults. the big event this weekend ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] it's time healthy gets a dose of happy. new yoplait greek. bye-bye, stir. so long, sour. hello, happy. it's time to lick the lid again. ♪ or how to find big savings on the things you need. just make a straight line to safeway. your club card gets you deals you can't find anywhere else. load up the cooler. your favorite pepsi products are just $2.47 a 12-pack. charmin is $11.99 for 24 double rolls. and make it a giant scoop. breyers ice cream is
soy cÁrdenas camarena de san antonio en texas, regreso con ustedes a los estudios. >>> gracias, un gran evento, estoy entusiasmada me uno a la celebraciÓn. y san antonio no he visitado y estoy super emocionada. un panel importante que es parte de este espectÁculo, ¿no? y obviamente serÁ el mejor panel. le deseamos mucho. educaciÓn y polÍtica entre los hispanos. >>> estÁn invitados ¿no? digan presente en el festival. >>> vamos a continuar con otras noticias y tras el Éxito obtenido natalia la fur c de la cantante mexicana, decidiÓ realizar un concierto en la ciudad de mÉxico, con varios in evitad evitados que serÁn parte de un dvd aquÍ pueden ver las imÁgenes de la grabaciÓn, anoche en mÉxico por cierto. asegurÓ que este disco ha marcado su vida de una forma muy especial. ella misma lo explica. asÍ es que escuchemos. >>> este proyecto me abriÓ las puertas de muchos lugares. inclusive lugares a dentro de Íi que desconocÍa. amy conciero que desconocÍa. amy concier amo o mi co un cierto como 3 generaciones. y esto es super lindo. no hubiera imaginado que pudiera o
, the former president, president bush, was asked about this matter on syria. brian in dallas, texas, sat down with mr. bush at the seventh annual patriot golf day. watch. >> the president's got a tough choice to make, and if he decides to use our military, he'll have the greatest military ever backing him up. >> right. what has syria been like for the u.s. in the eight years that you served? would you say that, i mean, the feeling that they had in supporting the insr. genesee, there was no doubt about that, correct? >> i was not a fan of mr. assad. he's an ally of iran, and he's made mischief. >> made mischief, and for a long time he felt impervious to america. >> yeah. and the president's going to have to make a tough decision. >> and what about the rest of the world saying, well, we're not really too sure, we're going to wait for the u.n. [laughter] you've been through that before. >> a president has to make a tough call, brian. i know you're trying to subtly rope me into the issues of the day. i refuse to be roped in. >> i understand. i'm not even subtly -- [laughter] your unique perspecti
is their front page. say no.iated as mp's houston, texas. good evening. white, make sure you mute your set. i am going to put you on hold. i will go to jim in port huron, michigan. i think we should go to war and put a stop to that because the civilians should not be involved, and they should not be doing that, and russert -- russia should not be giving them the weapons to do that. if you sit back and let them keep doing that, and you let them get away with it, and you it,ot stop them from doing what is going to stop them from coming over here and doing it? >> dwight? toght, i am going to have let you go. you have to mute your set. richmond, virginia. >> here we go again. this is what we should be thinking about. these people are at it again. is his country. let them determine themselves what the outcome will be. stay out of it. the congressman do not even want to vote on it. there were 28 out of 500 and some that were on the conference line. they do not even want to deal with it. we will go in and help build the country up and spend some money doing that. it is ridiculous. they are at it again,
todos los detalles, desde san antonio en texas y ahora regreso con ustedes. >>> gracias. >>> y un gran evento y tambiÉn estoy entusiasmada por que uno a la celebraciÓn y estarÁ presente el sÁbado representando a univisiÓn y san antonio nunca he visitado, y asÍ que estoy emociÓn Á. >>> es un panel muy importante que forma parte de este espectÁculo, y obviamente sera el mejor panel. >>> suerte. >>> asÍ es. >>> y vaya y visite a pamela. >>> estÁn invitados. >>> claro que Í. >>> digan presente. >>> vamos con mÁs, y tras r el Éxito que ha tenido natalia con su disco en homenaje a agustÍn lara, y la cantante mexicana decidiÓ realizar un concierto en la ciudad de mÉxico, con varios invitados, que es formarÁn parte de un dvd aquÍ ven imÁgenes de la grabaciÓn anoche en mÉxico, por cierto, y ella dice que este disco ha marcado su vida de forma muy especial, y ella lo pillÓ explica. >>> asÍ que escuchemos. >>> este proyecto me abriÓ las puertas de muchos lugares, inclusive lugares dentro de mÍ que desconocÍa, amo ver mi concierto como tres generaciones la abuela, la mam
in the itching. all came with two outs. 7-6 the fichbility a's fall to 3 games back of texas. rangers have the tonight off. began tonight. san jose state feature ago new head coach. opening with sacramento statement ron making the spartan debut following mike mcintyre and happy to have david fail package quarterback hitting generals for the 31 beyond all reasonable doubt touch down. 123 receiving yards for generals in the first half. then failed. nickname is never fails. like spencer christian. hits noel. 17 nothing at the half right now. sparty leading 24 zip in the fourth quarter. last week some talk about the 2014 big game played at the niners new stayed you. kind of fut rall site deal. cal not going to go for. that it could be cal year to host the game. bear fans out remaininged because why put the game if santa clara when you have a whole new stadium. little ms. stanford settle down. carolyn bleeds cardinal red. they spent 300 million to renovate memorial stadium so didn't want to go anywhere els else. game played at cal. 24th rank usc at hawaii. defense laying the ball
. california, texas, and florida. but the latino population continues to grow across the united states. >>> time is 5:26. i'm not a good golfer but i do know that the simple swing of a golf club has changed one man from massachusetts' life forever. are you kidding me? that 150-yard shot ending with a hole in one. jeff bar ton won $1 million. he's an amateur golfer. his name was pulled out of a hat to be able to take part in this competition in new mexico. he said he had no idea he would have a shot at winning that prize. >> i was so happy that is the ball landed on the green and then i watched it and i said what? that has a chance. and then i saw it i thought i saw it go in the bottom of the cup but then when i saw the crowd behind the green stand up and erupted that is when i knew it was in. >> here's something else organizers say the odds of winning that competition 12,500- 1. >> wow, that is amazing. >>> well, improving safety in limos. three months after that deadly fire the legislation being put to the test today. >>> it's the second morning commute without the bay bridge. we'll s
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dallas, texas, and ç] make sure that stories don't escape them. >> every day a storm of views. how can you fully understand the impact unless you heard angles you hadn't considered. consider this, antonio mora brings you smart conversation that challenges the status quo. stories that matter to you. >> welcome back. the top stories here on aljazeera, for the first time, the u.s. government laid out details about the attack that it blames on the syrian government. john kerry issued a call to the international community calling president bashar al assad a thug and murderer. >> the five permanent members of the u.n. security council have been briefed. the investigative team will need time to analyze findings. >> parts of egypt held by the anti-coup alliance, three people have been killed and others injured. >> almost two months since the military coup led to the ouster of president mohamed morsi, those opposed to it remain defiant. protestors gathered across the country. north egypt, this was the scene. in spite of the army and police blocking roads and setting up check points, thousands g
, like some of the real estate investment trusts, i don't touch them. let's go to john in texas. >> caller: greetings from austin. i have all of your books. watch the show every day live and record it and admire your energy level. >> thank you very much. >> caller: no problem. my question about your on going suggestion to buy stock shares in increments. >> right. >> caller: i understand why, but doesn't that eat up commission money even though it can offset capital gains or losses? what's your take on that? >> my feeling is strong on this. when i got in commissions were about quadruple what they are now and i recommended that strategy because i didn't want people to do it all at once and then get confused and lose interest or hate the market. so it's even better now with the commission rates low. so i'm not going to back away from my view. commission rates are low enough to do that trading and not hurt yourself. nick in new jersey, nick. >> caller: hey, cramer, big booyah from new jersey. >> love it. >> caller: i want to give a shout out to my brother overseas in the navy. >> th
of force, and therefore it has ceded some of its power. let's go to robert now from texas on the democratic line. >> caller: thanks for taking my call. i think the perfect need to know the real reason why -- the public's need to know the real reason why is not about this america weapon, it is through the neocons trying to empower satan around the world. if he can do this he can come up with a new world order that resident bush warned about. anthony, what do you think the public needs to know before the president can take military action? this is a lot more complex than whether the syrian government cast. there is not a strong command of the american public in understanding the proxy wars that are playing out. the saudi arabians have been funding a lot of what has been going on. we trying to analyze this? died, a thousand syrians but 850, whether they were muslim brotherhood, there is no moral outrage about that. the media kept that under the wire as best as they could. took placeher event it was all over the news. there is a proxy war between turkey, saudi arabia, iran. would it help for so
city. in places like texas, colorado, north dakota and pennsylvania, pennsylvania is really benefitting from the oil and gas. north dakota is interesting too. now the number two oil and gas producer in the united states after texas. it's passed california and texas. president obama hasn't visited north dakota in his presidency but the people in north dakota don't seem to care so much. >> shale. >> shale is virtually everywhere except the southeast. >> explain shale for people who don't know. >> marcellus shale is a rock formation where it's very deep and we didn't have the technology to get the trapped natural gas out of it until recently. in my fifth year as governor there were only 70 shale permits for shale drilling authorized. in my last year as governor three years later 3300 and now over 5,000 shale wells and it's produce i producing jobs, income, helping pennsylvania manufacturing. the best booster of marcellus shale fracking is u.s. steele. >> it's controversial for a number reasons. people want to know if we can do it safely and number two, people are suggesting if we start tap
perry's claim that texas has the right to succeed from the union any time it feels like it. the values of abraham lincoln, the belief in a strong federal government, the paramount right of human right others states' rights, suggest he, abraham lincoln would be far more welcome in the other political party, while jeff davis and his boys would be far more welcome in the party of paul, perry, bachmann, and lee. so who is kidding who? boehner and the boys, paul and lee didn't make it wednesday is they don't feel they wanted to be in the same picture as abraham lincoln. and do you even have to ask how proud lincoln would be to see who the president of the united states is today? do you even have to ask? as milliken would say, give me a break. michael steele is former chairman of the republican national committee and u.s. congresswoman donna edwards is a democratic congresswoman from maryland who spoke at yesterday's events commemorating the -- well, its 50th anniversary of the march on washington. congresswoman, i think i'm right. tables have been switched in the last 100 years -- the last
bring this back to things that influence them day-to-day. it gets back to the fires in texas, it gets back to the drought and crop damage and losses in the midwest. you bring back to things and influence them. across the western u.s., fires are impacting people in a way that we haven't seen on a consistent basis in our history. >> we make that point. we make this personal. >> i want to ask, in terms of actually combatting the fires themselves, in reading up about this, kierein from the center psychological diversity makes the point we shouldn't send firefighters to stop these. he says the political liability of a house burning down is greater than the political liability of having a firefighter die. that we're okay with firefighters and frontline defenders dying in the name of stopping these things and much more okay with that as a society than letting the fire sort of do what they will and burn down houses and houses of the wealthy and get close or threaten civilization. >> it's a set of tradeoffs. we have these opportunities to protect life and property. we have people building in a
panel. victoria is a professor at the university of texas and nbc latinos contributor and ryan grimm is joining us and msnbc contributor and taylor godden is the editor of pill wiolitical w >> your country on drugs, you have written about this issue, ryan. talk a little bit about what happened yesterday. because the deputy attorney general's memo tells us that attorneys that were going after users for simple possession is really not the best use of resources. explain a little bit more about what this means from the justice septemb department. >> the most significant policy change that they made yesterday -- they never like to say that things are an actual change. they say this is, you know, a continuation of what we have always done, even if it's a dramatic turnaround. in the past, prosecutors on the ground could use the sheer size or the fact that a pot shop was a for-profit enterprise as evidence that it is something worthy of the federal government's time and intervention. they have specifically said that federal prosecutors should no longer look to the size, the volume of sales,
the throats of the american people. >> that was texas republican senator and possible 2016 contender ted cruz tying crassly the president's thought process on syria to obama care. the president's signature health care law is set to mark a major milestone october 1st with the launch of federal insurance exchanges. as he lines up his allies including sarah palin in his continued attempt to defund the program the president lined up an ali with a much more impressive policy resume. >> let me just say, president clinton has been traveling all across the country for their campaign. he has been breaking it down so well that people tell me i should ask him to be can of explaining stuff. >> and for more on this fight, i'm joined by democratic strategist julian epstein and james peterson, director of african na studies as the lehigh university. i want you to both to weigh in, starting with you, julian, about the administration's moves on gun control we just reported. along with the shooting death of the 1-year-old in new orleans. do you think there's anything that will move congress to act on gun refor
benefits. in the deep red state of texas by 3-1 voter ex-spord expanding social security benefits. the list goes on and on, in colorado, in places like california. whether it's blue, purple or red states, voters are on the same page. we have bipartisanship on main street america. and people want in this area of corporations cutting pensions, people want to expand, not cut them. >> i know your group has done a lot of work on obama care as well. where are we going to be a year from now in your opinion, going into the midterms. is this going to be a health care story that democrats on the campaign trail are going to be able to positively out the because of all of the examples that are going to be out there? how much of a political weapon is this going to be? >> i think that the more democrats go on offense in general, the better they tend to do as is backed up by some of the poll numbers that you just showed. to the extent that democrats give a full-throated defense of taking on the insurance companies and giving rights to regular families and patients, democrats will win. this is a winning is
" mentality. >> brown: you were with constituents in texas the last couple of days. >> i was. >> brown: what are you hearing is it are you hearing concern? >> absolutely. yesterday i had two town hall meetings. the top two questions were, "why does syria matter to us?" and "how can we trust the president?" now, i represent a different area that eliot does. but the point is, this is the time to be the president of all the people, and convince all of the people that this is in our national interest. and so far, he hasn't done that? >> brown: eliot engel, has the administration explained its position adequately. that seems to be one of the issues here. >> well, i don't disagree with mac. i think the president has to come before the american people. people. i think what we saw secretary kerry do today was the start of that. i think the president, if he acts-- and i believe he will-- will explain what he's doing to the american people. i think this will be limited in scope, and it will be done to show assad that the gassing of his own people is not acceptable. this is a war crime. those pictures
and places like that, texas will really do well. >> we can do it in new york if we had better political acumen. >> casey mulligan thank you very much. dan dicker thank you very much. foolish on oil. now free market friday panel will attack this serious. how do they think president obama handling this politically. that's up next on kudlow when we return. (announcer) scottrade knows our clients trade and invest their own way. with scottrade's smart text, i can quickly understand my charts, and spend more time trading. their quick trade bar lets my account follow me online so i can react in real-time. plus, my local scottrade office is there to help. because they know i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. i'm with scottrade. (announcer) scottrade. voted "best investment services company." help the gulf when we made recover and learn the gulf, bp from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, whe
and go right now. 'scuse me. which comes out on top? we brought real people to the texas desert to find out. it's just nice. very crisp. cool and fresh. that's what i was thinking! fresh. that's exactly what i was thinking. yeah. fresh. fresh. like i could definitely wrap myself in it. odors are no match for the febreze car vent clip. another way febreze helps you breathe happy. ♪ put me in coach i'm ready to play ♪ ♪ today ♪ look at me ♪ i can be center field >> were you center field? >> i played first base and pitcher. i'm left-handed. >> there we go. we turn to the story, empty lot, bag of soft balls and spark of an idea. this is no ordinary field of dreams. >> the story of one man taking a game of softball changing lives. it is our favorite story of the day. here is abc's clayton sandel. >> reporter: riding around his neighborhood. >> my father once lived in that house there. >> reporter: -- joe carobello became alarmed at the number of homeless people in denver many living next to empty baseball parks. that gave carobello, a real estate developer an idea. using
center. more than half of the latino population lives in california, texas and florida. however, the latino population continues to grow nationwide. >>> we continue to follow breaking news from san jose. two police shootings this morning and just a few miles and a few hours apart. the big question tied to the gunfire. >>> good morning. welcome back. we're still following breaking news to this scene in san jose. police still blocking off an area of a second police shooting this morning. just a couple of miles and a couple of hours away from a first police shooting in san jose. stay tuned. good morning. i'm dave clark. >> i'm claudine wong in for tori today. janine de la vega is gonna join us in a few minutes with the latest on the investigation in both cases. but first we want to head on over to rosemary orozco for a look at how this day is shaping up. >> good morning. the warmest day of the entire week is upon us. we're going to see temperatures peak in the mid-90s for some of our inland locations. this ridge of high pressure in the midsection of the country is pushing our way a
will be toasty from central texas into the central plains. excessive heat warnings and watches as well. 90s out through the west coast. look for a risk of strong storms in the northern plains today. wet weather around the >>> and we are seeing a sunny start in sunol, other places. we will see the hottest temperatures around the bay area this afternoon, likely approaching the mid-90s there 93, livermore and around pleasanton, 92, concord. 85, san jose, low 70s closer to san francisco and 80s across the north bay, see temperatures cooling this weekend as the seabreeze turns stronger around the interesting time period to watch, sunday into monday, a few extra clouds, a chance of some mountain showers early next week. >>> that's your latest weather back to matt and tamron. >> coming up on trending, the selfie craze makes it's way to the vatican. >> got to love it. >> and how facebook's oldest user got a new car from a mystery man. >> and we're here with chris brown fans, they gave you something. >> they gave it to me and asked me to give it to chris brown. i will do so. chris brown will perform fir
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